5 Consequences Of Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth can be devastating. It can make one to have self esteem issues about their smile; but the consequences of a tooth loss go far beyond appearance. The cavity left after losing a tooth can bring bigger challenges than mere aesthetics, when the most immediate teeth begin to shift into the area. The nearby teeth begin to shift into the area. It causes problems such as:

  • Shifting out of alignment: – This is likely to happen if you take long to replace a lost tooth. The dental arrangement is affected thereby causing some teeth to lean towards the empty space where a tooth or teeth has been removed
  • Improper chewing:- This happens due to sensitivity of the empty space, causing irregular chewing patterns, which can cause strain on jaws.
  • Food accumulating in the space:- particles of food samples accumulate within the space causing pain and promoting bacteria growth.
  • Over grown teeth:– Teeth below or above the space growing longer than they are supposed to either do Angel Smile dental Implant
  • Changes in facial appearance:- Without teeth, most people tend to have a more sunken appearance in the face, thereby causing a deformed face and making someone to look older than he or she actually is


When a person loses a tooth due to injury or extraction, it’s important to seek a replacement option as soon as possible to prevent unforeseen dental problems. One of the best options for tooth replacement are dental implants, which restore the feel, function and look of natural teeth while also preventing jawbone loss. Dental implants also help in preserving facial structure and natural bite alignment from a Orthosmile adult braces


An adult’s teeth don’t grow again once they have been extracted or lost; the earlier you find an artificial replacement for that gap, the better.

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