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Buying or Renting a Property in the UK

There are benefits to both buying a house and renting a property in the UK depending on ones circumstances.

It depends if you are looking for a long time base or want the freedom to move after a short term contract ends.

Buying a property will give you stability and it will be a wise investment for the future and something that you could pass down to your children. If you are lucky enough to have the cash upfront buying will be easy for you. Otherwise you will have to apply from a bank which you will have to go through a number of steps. These will include credit checks and checks with employers. You will need to have a deposit to secure a mortgage and this is normally around twenty to thirty percent of the value.

With renting a property, you will still have a number of checks to go through and will also need a deposit and roughly one months rent. Th deposit is normally around one month rent also which will be helpd in a tenacy deposit scheme.

London landlord Andrew Charalambous has a different view to tradition estate agents and has a different approach to this and make things a lot easier for a potential to rent.

His company does not charge for admin fees nor does he ask for a deposit from the tenant. His company believes that by doing this, it makes a stronger bond between the client and the landlord and they tend to stay for a lot longer in the residence.

You you can find out more about Andrew Charalambous from his official blog or you can read the egi andrew charalambous interview for details.