Materials That are Hazardous to Health

There are certain types of Waste, especially mishandled waste, is harmful to human life and the environment. The worst kind of waste is the kind that alters the natural state of soil, air and water and can cause terminal illnesses to human beings. Dangerous waste usually comes from man undertakings to make products he uses to better his world. Most of it cannot be recycled and immediate contact with humans and the environment results in contamination.

This type of waste needs a professional assistance so you should use a reputable company to deal with this.

The three most harmful ones include:


  • Raw materials for Batteries

Batteries are made from lead and sulphuric acid. Although recycling the batteries saves energy and the amount of waste batteries lying around, traces of lead and Sulfuric Acid during the process find their way in to the soil air and water.


  • Substances emitted from mining sites.

Mercury is usually found at mines where metal manufacturers collect their raw materials from. Mercury is most dangerous to human beings and is usually produced during the mining of coal. It causes cognitive problems as well as respiratory problems. Mining locations also produce asbestos, a highly toxic substance.


  • Hospital and Pharmaceutical Waste

Some syringes and other sharp objects from hospitals need to be disposed of by hospital staff. They may contain harmful medicine remnants or substances that can cause a range of diseases. Most of hospital waste is usually burned in special enclosures to kill viruses and prevent danger in case of accidental contact.

There are many types of waste removal companies that deal with different types of waste. Some just do general household clearance, and some specialise in building materials.

If you need help to get rid of your waste, the best place to search is online. You would need to add the location that you are in, for instance rubbish removal company in London or something similar.